Florida ‘Monkey Whisperer’ Is Charged With Illegal Animal Sales

Capuchin monkeys are small, boisterous and smelly. They “soak their arms and toes in urine to go away a scent,” according to the World Wildlife Federation. They’re additionally sensible. Researchers have stated that the capuchin monkeys exhibit a degree of intelligence, smartly selecting effective tools to assist them crack open palm nuts for consuming.

After the cash was deposited in Mr. Hammond’s checking account, he had two individuals transport the animal, first to Nevada, then to California, in response to the indictment. The animal was delivered to the customer in October 2017, and legislation enforcement officers seized the animal from that purchaser in January 2018, the indictment stated. A month later, Mr. Hammond advised legislation enforcement officers that he had offered the animal to an individual in Nevada, which permits monkeys, in response to the indictment.

In March 2016, Mr. Hammond offered a cotton-top tamarin — a small primate described by the federal authorities as critically endangered — to an individual in Wisconsin, in response to the indictment. In April 2017, he offered one other one to an individual in Alabama; and that October he offered two cotton-top tamarins to an individual in South Carolina, the indictment stated.

Cotton-top tamarins are one of many world’s tiniest primates. Although small, they’re “huge in hair and noisy,” with “a shock of white fur” round their cranium, giving the looks of an “Einsteinian Mohawk,” as as soon as described in a New York Times article. The article playfully labeled them the “punks amongst monkeys” and stated they make “beautiful punk music, squealing, whistling, chirping, letting free with slicing screams.”

In August 2020, Mr. Hammond tried to influence considered one of his clients to falsely inform legislation enforcement officers that she had bought cotton-top tamarins at a flea market, moderately than from Mr. Hammond, in response to the indictment.

In keeping with prosecutors, this buyer had purchased the animals from Mr. Hammond and later returned them to him “with the intent to hinder, delay, and forestall” officers from studying in regards to the transaction.

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