Opinion | Stop Pretending ‘This Is Not Who We Are’

“Let me be very clear. The scenes of chaos on the Capitol don’t replicate a real America, don’t characterize who we’re.” Are you positive about that, Joe? An armed standoff, white male entitlement, conspiracy theories — sounds fairly American to me. Simply take a look at this man. “This isn’t who we’re as a nation.” “This isn’t who we’re as a rustic.” “It‘s not who we’re. We‘re higher than this.” We could also be shocked by footage of a mob invading the capital, however take a look at the work hanging behind them within the rotunda. We shouldn‘t be stunned as a result of we’ve at all times been like this. America is a nation constructed on stolen land by stolen individuals. And if Wednesday’s rampage feels historic, it’s as a result of violence is in our nationwide DNA. A mob razed an entire block in Philadelphia as a result of they didn’t like — you guessed it — the election outcomes. And after Lincoln was elected, the South launched a Civil Warfare quite than settle for peaceable switch of energy. These People dreamed this flag would fly within the halls of the Capitol, but it surely by no means did, till now. “They don’t get to steal it from us. They don‘t get to inform us we didn‘t see what we noticed.” Taking on arms if you lose an election — that‘s American custom. “I look to historical past, to the precedent of the 1876 election, the Hayes-Tilden election —” Glad you do not forget that one, Ted. That was when Black People have been subjected to a century of Jim Crow terror, a trade-off for electoral peace. An hour after your speech on Wednesday when you cowered inside, they hung a noose outdoors the Capitol. And Black individuals cleansing up the mess — that’s one other All-American custom. That is the place centuries of white entitlement leads. “Oh, there we go.” Storm the Capitol and meet hardly any resistance. A cop is just not a menace. He’s a photograph alternative. And as a substitute of a jail cell, you toast to your criminality in a lodge foyer. “We’re watching an try at a cold coup in the US.” “The closest factor that I can consider that this jogs my memory of is the time I spent in Iraq in 2007 and 2008.” These aren’t overseas insurgents. They’re us. They store at Walmart. They watch the Tremendous Bowl. And so they’re not going anyplace. “We have been regular, good, law-abiding residents, and also you guys did this to us. We wish our nation again.” And for the purest expression of the American means, simply take a look at the person chargeable for Wednesday’s violence, a person who leads by Twitter, who is aware of that if in case you have sufficient cash, they’ll allow you to do something. He informed us who he was, and we picked him as a result of that is precisely who we’re. “And after this, we‘re going to stroll down — and I’ll be there with you — we’re going to stroll down.” America, land of the snake-oil salesmen. “Let me be very clear. The scenes of chaos within the Capitol don’t replicate a real America.” No, Joe. This was an ideal distillation of every little thing America is and has at all times been. Your platitude’s been a fantasy as absurd as QAnon that repeating, this isn’t who we’re, will in some way make it true. After all, this isn’t every little thing we’re. “The 82-year-old palms that used to choose anyone else’s cotton went to the polls and picked her youngest son to be a United States senator.” Simply hours earlier than the violence started, Georgia elected its first Black senator. However we will solely notice our energy if we cease whitewashing our sins. We’re a nation solid in racist violence, a society that values wealth over knowledge, a rustic the place private ambitions imply greater than morality, masked with false piety, the place residents wreak havoc on the very establishments that allow them and get the T-shirt too. That is the US of America. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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