Opinion | The Aftershocks From the Capitol Attack

James S. Kunen

To the Editor:

There appears to be mass hysteria all over the world that American democracy was someway broken by the occasions on the Capitol on Wednesday. What actually occurred is that Donald Trump declared conflict on democracy, and democracy received. Ultimately, order was restored and Congress completed its work. The outcomes of the Electoral Faculty have been accepted, and on Jan. 20 Joe Biden will turn into president. That’s precisely how the democracy established by the Structure is meant to work.

David Ok. Rees
Tel Aviv

To the Editor:

Reporting on the havoc within the Capitol locations the blame squarely on the president for inciting it. Nonetheless, let’s not neglect that 4 years in the past he was put in place by his base of voters, with some 74 million of them voting for him in 2020. We have to maintain each Trump voter accountable for this tragic occasion.

Over the previous 4 years, President Trump has proven that he’s a pathological liar and a racist, and is prepared to overtly interact in legal exercise to advance his personal energy. But Trump supporters selected to show a blind eye to his crimes and incompetence, enthusiastically displaying up at his rallies, cheering at his insults and slurs, and wildly applauding his conspiracy theories.

I don’t for one second imagine that Wednesday’s rampage was the work of a small group of extremists. What we noticed was the pure conclusion of an enormous variety of voters who’ve utterly misplaced their ethical integrity. The problem to our nation shouldn’t be learn how to do away with Mr. Trump, however learn how to restore a way of morality and social accountability.

Suzanne Matthews
New York

To the Editor:

Overshadowed by occasions on Wednesday on the Capitol, one other failure of American democracy happened Tuesday within the Pennsylvania State Senate, when the Republican majority refused to swear in a duly elected and licensed Democratic senator.

Is that this the place we at the moment are with democracy: If we don’t like an election end result, we will ignore it? Each the occasion in Pennsylvania and the storming of the Capitol Wednesday must have extreme penalties, similar to instant impeachment or removing from workplace. If not, politicians will act with impunity and our democracy will certainly fall.

Anne-Marie Nook

To the Editor:

Donald Trump promised us a wall. The wall he delivered is the one now surrounding the Capitol, to guard our democracy from his thugs.

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