Opinion | The Second Impeachment: ‘President Trump Betrayed His Country’

Sandi Campbell
Siler Metropolis, N.C.

To the Editor:

On Monday, President Trump met with Vice President Mike Pence for over an hour. This was their first assembly since Mr. Trump sicced his mob of rioters to march on the Capitol whereas vilifying the vp for his failure to protect him from electoral failure and shame. The mob obliged by chanting Mr. Pence’s title and establishing a makeshift gallows.

The assembly between these two males was described within the media as a “good dialog.” What would possibly all of us have sacrificed to have been a fly within the vp’s hair so we would have garnered a way more genuine depiction of their interplay?

Gerald Amada
San Rafael, Calif.

To the Editor:

As a lifelong Democrat, I bear in mind the occasions that Consultant Liz Cheney’s phrases struck me like fingernails on a chalkboard. However as I learn her name for impeaching President Trump, I can solely say that she stated it better of all. I salute her.

Maribeth Sands
Harmony, Calif.

To the Editor:

G.O.P.’s ‘1776 Moment’: How Lawmakers Fanned the Flames of the Riot” (information article, Jan. 12) makes clear that a number of Republican representatives ought to be a part of President Trump within the impeachment dock.

Consultant Mo Brooks instructed the gang earlier than going to the Capitol that they need to begin “kicking ass” and urged them to “struggle for America.” Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert, earlier than the surging crowd, referred to the day as Republicans’ “1776 second.” All three have been inciting the gang to commit violence towards the federal government, in violation of their oath of workplace.

What they did amounted to treason.

Ronald L. Hirsch
Nice Barrington, Mass.

To the Editor:

Despite the fact that the pandemic has intensified, and thousands and thousands of households and small enterprise are struggling, the Democratic management appears able to make punishing a defeated enemy its first precedence. President Trump richly deserves impeachment, but when the Democrats take impeachment proceedings past Jan. 20, the media and the general public can be compelled to deal with Mr. Trump for weeks and even months. Neither is the end result of an impeachment trial assured prematurely.

If Democrats undergo with their plan to spend half their days on impeachment and the opposite half on Joe Biden’s agenda when the brand new Congress convenes, they danger creating an enduring picture of themselves as failing to provide their full consideration to the nation’s pressing issues. Democratic leaders ought to need all eyes to be on President Biden and the brand new Congress as they create reduction and hope to America, not on Donald Trump.

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